Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hispanic Culture and Addicition

Addiction is some issue legion(predicate) sight go by means of in their lifetime. It doesnt matter what scat or ethnicity you are, dependence affects everyone in the same way. One thing that does differ from one tillage to an new(prenominal) is how it is perceived and portion outd. A culture that differs in how they handle and perceive a soulfulness having an addiction is the Hispanic culture. The Hispanic culture perceives addiction differently from most other cultures, they brook very strong views and morals.The hispanic culture is one that is revolve around on family, traditions, and ghostlikeity. All of these factors bias how hispanics live their lives and how they perceive an addiction. The addiction that is most prevalent in hispanics is an addiction to alcoholic beverageic drinkic drink. Alcohol and other drugs have been utilize for thousands of years. The alcohol can be traced wholly the way back to 4000 bc when fruit was fermented from plants and fruits. Alco hol was first of all used in Mexico by the Aztecs, by the Pima Papago in the southwest United States. The Aztecs used alcohol for ceremonial purposes and religious purposes. If a man was caught drinking or intoxicated he was beat to death or strangled in front of everyone. experient men and women were allowed to drink on certain holidays. For example a electric razor was baptized or rather naming-giving of a child was celebrated at darkness the aging men and old women gathered to drink (Alaniz, 2002).\nAs time went on people started to immigrate to the United States from Mexico. This is when their views on alcohol and drugs began to change. Back when hispanics lived in their native countries the use of alcohol was used more for spiritual purpose (Chase, 2002). The hispanics were more affectionate drinkers rather than frequent drinkers. They drank on special occasions and celebrations as a festivity. Hispanics came from Mexico as adults with a foundation on how they used and viewed the use of alcohol notwithstanding as time went on that changed (Sosa, 2013). The more acculturated hispanic... If you want to sit a full essay, edict it on our website:

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